I think inspiration can be found anywhere,

the main thing is to be able to watch.

Yana Bobrykova
Photographer | set designer

Hello, friend! Now, you’re in my holy of holies! Here is the place where I store all my most precious things! My art, my characters, creatures and monsters. I hope you will love them!


First, a little about me.


  My name is Yana, I was born and grew up in Ukraine, but now I living in New York City (USA) already 5 years.

  I started my way when I was 6 y.o. as an artist, then continued my studies with design at the university, now I combine all this experience and takes a pictures in the end.

 I’m not interested in anything except art, books and travel.  Talk to me about photography and then about photography (laughing).

 I have a wonderful family and four parrots. They all helps me with everything.



Now, I’ll probably tell you more about my art.

 I started taking pictures in 2012. I studied simply in practice and according to the camera’s manual.

 On my photographs, I reflect my inner world.  I like to revive fantastic and surrealistic paintings from my imagination.  Each character has his own mission and story that can be unraveled.

 I used to make a lot of photoshop manipulations and compositing on the pictures, but now I try to do everything as real as possible. This is harder, but no less interesting.

 Each photo project is very important for me, I will never go on the photo shoot, if I have not thought out everything to the smallest detail.

 Preparation for the shooting can take from a week to six months.  I do not regret time for a good result.

 Almost all my props and costumes are selected / made by me and my assistants.  I always have a drawer of tools, fabrics, cardboard, EVA, paints and much more near me.  I adore to create setting.

 I do not have a warehouse for suits and props.  After filming, a lot of things have to be disassembled or disposed.  Favorite things are stored in closets.  There is no more room (lol).

 Retouching takes up to 10 hours.  For me, working in Photoshop is like jewelry-making, so I’m never in a hurry.

 I plan to do retouching and photography lessons.  If everything works out well, all of this will be available in 2020.

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